Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

Our Design Process

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

First, we look at what's needed for the project, in the space together. Creating a plan, considering style and budget. I measure the space, take notes, and create a quote after discussing the best solution for the room with you. Ranging from all types of custom window treatments, roman shades, pillows, bedding, upholstery, canapé beds, bed skirts, modern industrial shades, blinds, grass weave, matchstick, bamboo shades, etc.

Phase 2: Project Proposal

After figuring out what's needed and what fabrics are needed, I send you a quote, with ALL the information on it. Including fabric yardage amounts, and speculations, templates or drawings, if needed

Phase 3: Work Begins

You review and approve the project, send a 50% deposit to start. After I receive the deposit, we start the work and order the drapery hardware and all materials.

Phase 4: Install / Delivery

Next is the installation/delivery. As soon as we are close to finishing the work, I will arrange an installation date with you. Customizing your living space is important to do correctly the first time. I have years of experience working with interior designers, making all there beautiful designs come to life. Contact me today and make your house a home.


1……fast & efficient (forms and specifications, guarantee the perfect product)
2……flawless & detailed (we are fully skilled and experienced in hand sewing and machine fabricating all items to the finest degree)
3……down to earth prices (this format of doing business allows for the best price, no time wasted, and the perfect final product.

Learn how now! Over years of experience, Teresa Prater has created a full proof system from A-Z, making it fast-efficient, flawless-on a budget. The 1,2,3’s. This system enables her to work, anywhere in the world.


A successful design business is owed, in large part, to the relationship we interior designers have with our vendors. It is essential to having a finished project that both the client and designer are happy with. Teresa Prater is certainly no exception to this rule. Teresa and I have collaborated for several years on projects in Southern California. She understands the nuances of the design process, and is very capable of not only problem solving, but delivering a high-end finished product. Teresa and her team take pride in their craftsmanship, and it shows in their work. I am equally proud to have her work grace the interiors that I design.
Teresa is the best! She has a great eye and great imagination. Whatever you're trying to accomplish she finds a way to make it happen. Very high quality work, done with great speed and precision. She does anything she can to make the experience pleasant and easy, bringing books of samples, picking up and delivering finished goods, handling installations - you name it! Highly, highly recommended!
Teresa takes your project, analyses it and with precision and detail develops unique solutions. Her eye lets you envision the project . She developed my window treatments, so that I am now able to use electrical roman shades, at a flick of a switch AND/OR remote control to open the shades, allowing me to appreciate my beautiful city of St . Louis. Night is now dark for sleep and daylight hours are now fully enjoying my city view.